Home Efficiency Upgrades: Better Comfort, Lower Costs

Unlock Home Efficiency: Save More, Enjoy Comfort, and Enhance Durability

Escaping increasing costs for energy around your home has never been this accessible – improved comfort, lower utility bills, and upgraded durability. Upgrading to more efficient systems can further maximize energy savings.

Check out our streamlined home efficiency upgrades to understand the massive financial savings they can secure for your family.

Solar Panels

Solar panels generate abundant clean electricity from sunlight. Upgrading to solar replaces your ever-increasing electric bill with one that is fixed in place. This alone saves tens of thousands, often even over $100,000 over your lifetime.

  • Escape rate increases from the electric company, drastically reducing lifetime costs through your fixed rate.
  • Net metering credits to offset grid energy purchases.
  • Eventually you have no more bill for your kilowatt production
  • Large Tax rebate eligibility to help cover your bill.

Roof Replacement

Insurance companies offer lower rates for homes with roofs that have been replaced with higher quality materials.

Aging roofs allow weather elements and moisture intrusion over time. This causes leaks, deterioration, and mold risks which require pricey repairs and higher rates from insurance. Newer roofing blocks heat gain/loss better for efficiency.

Modern materials also withstand harsh weather and last longer than older materials.

  • Prevent leaks from water damage
  • Insulate against temperature extremes for lower bills
  • Enjoy peace of mind with durable, long-lasting materials
  • The savings on insurance are often more than the bill for the roof.

  • Every roof needs replaced eventually. High quality roofs double or triple your roof’s lifespan.

  • Metal roofs increase those benefits.

Spray Foam Insulation

Regularly insulated attics bleed energy from a home and are a huge factor in throwing away money.

Normal attics in Florida reach temperatures of around 140 degrees on a regular basis.

This causes your home to run the air conditioner for over 90% of your day. Heat tries to equalize with everything around it, so that super-heated attic is constantly tryin to radiate it’s heat into your living space.

Spray foam insulation takes those 140 degree attic temperatures down to about 80%. Spray foam alone reduces most energy bills by around 30%.

They also plug up holes that pests use to dwell in the attic.

  • Seal up leaks to prevent costly energy loss
  • Greater insulation performance drastically lowers bills
  • Eliminate drafts and hot/cold spots

Hybrid Water Heater

Conventional water heaters burn energy 24/7 to reheat water. Hybrid models use heat from the air in your garage to heat your water.

This provides the same amount of hot water at a lower cost, achieving far greater efficiency with lower energy requirements.

  • Slash water heating expenses
  • Reduce lifetime ownership costs
  • Qualify for tax rebates.

New HVAC System

Old AC units use considerably more energy vs new efficient models. Swapping an older unit for a new energy efficient HVAC cuts usage substantially. Correctly sized systems also optimize efficiency.

The savings add up to thousands of dollars over time.

  • Leverage advanced technology to lower bills
  • Properly sized unit allows fewer run times
  • Lower humidity with enhanced AC performance

Ready to Take Control of Your Home’s Comfort?

Each of these upgrades have their own benefits on their own. Combining them together can substantially change your financial life. The best part is, on the billing side, you don’t pay any down payments, there are no install costs for you.

You simply replace your electric bill with your new energy efficient bill.

To find out if your home qualifies, schedule your free Home Efficiency Assessment now. Click here to get started!

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