Zone 5 delivers the power of knowledge through marketing research that drives your integrated communications plans. We provide expert analysis and consulting to help you put those results to work.

  • Focus Group room
    Our research facility.

Marketing Research -The Core of What We Do

Focus Groups: We deliver the power of knowledge that drives your marketing plans. A lot is riding on your research study. But we go far beyond recruiting and renting a room. Zone 5 provides expert analysis and consulting. It is with our insight that organizations are able to better understand obstacles and opportunities ahead.

Social/Digital Research: Organizations can use social media and web analytics to learn a lot about their audiences, both target and actual. Zone 5 has always had a strong presence in market research, and we have no problem using social media as another one of our research tools.

Usability Testing: Is your web design really working? Let us find out. From helping determine what should be tested, to writing and implementing the test, usability testing from Zone 5 will get you the best, most effective results you can.

Facilities: For qualitative research studies, Zone 5 has a modern, in-house research facility in our Albany, NY location equipped with a soundproof one-way mirror, high-quality recording equipment, and a separate observation room w/video streaming.