Working at Zone 5

Why would anyone want to work here?

  • Dave Homsey, Ray Witkowski and Matt Palmeri celebrate Zone 5 work anniversaries
    Dave Homsey, Ray Witkowski and Matt Palmeri line up responsively (a desktop, a tablet and a smartphone walk into a bar...)
Happy employees make happy clients — at Zone 5, the cliché is actually true. We’re excited to meet new challenges, and confident about creating inspired results for our clients.

The recipe is simple. Start with employee empowerment. Create a client-centric culture. Replace processes and forms with accountability. Produce great work, and have a great time doing it. Make no mistake, we’re professionals. But we haven’t lost our sense of fun. You can tell the minute you set foot inside our offices.

We believe that talent defies gravity at Zone 5. It’s talent that is responsible for our growth and it’s the talented individuals at Zone 5 that will continue to rise within the company. We reward talent. We nurture talent. We encourage talent. Slackers beware.

Small Teams and Client Interaction

At Zone 5 we create a comfortable and positive experience for the client. We work in small teams, and everyone involved with the project is accessible to the client. This leaves less to be lost in translation.

Another strong advantage: each member of our staff is skilled in multiple aspects of the communications industry. This redundancy of skill sets allows our designers to work more intimately with our clients and often manage the entire process.

No nervous breakdowns. No screaming matches. Just old-fashioned hard work, cutting edge technology and a lot of fun along the way.