Brooklyn Hospital – Rebranding and Repositioning

The Situation

The Brooklyn Hospital Center websiteCurrently engaged as the agency-of-record for The Brooklyn Hospital Center (TBHC), Zone 5 began working with the organization in the fall of 2006. A community hospital located in the heart of a major metropolitan region, TBHC sought to enhance its image as it emerged from bankruptcy in the fall of 2007. By incorporating a variety of research-driven tactics that included focus groups, telephone surveys and staff interviews, Zone 5 was able to discern that TBHC, at the time, held a weak brand with scattered messaging and had low staff morale. By analyzing all of the findings, Zone 5 was able to specify the major obstacles for TBHC and therefore focus initiatives on how to best re-establish its brand/message.

The Approach

Zone 5 took to the task of how TBHC could best leverage its resources to overcome this general impression. What we heard most prominently in our data-mining was that people wanted a hospital with a sense of community. What better way to continue our research than to interview the people who live right in Brooklyn? We therefore set out to explore the neighborhoods and the residents who live there.

The Results

What we discovered, by combining market data and strategic community relations, laid the foundation for the hospital’s new creative, “How Brooklyn Delivers.” Working together, TBHC and Zone 5 fine-tuned this campaign into a full rebranding effort across all platforms. This fresh approach provided the hospital with a flexible and memorable way to say that TBHC is the choice of Brooklynites across a wide range of service lines. Today, Zone 5 continues to promote the hospital’s products and services through a variety of direct-to-consumer and physician relations programs.