Tech Valley Now Listen Project

WMHT and Zone 5 recently partnered to develop an unprecedented research project aimed to uncover and analyze public attitudes about the state of Tech Valley. Producing great communications: — TV, radio, marketing and PR —  is just a means to an end. The real goal is changing lives and building communities. And that requires a deeper understanding about what matters most to the people that build our communities. The Tech Valley Now Listen Project was developed to help answer that question.

Our goal throughout the project was not only to get the pulse of Tech Valley to guide our work, but also to create a living and breathing document that village, town, city, county and state decision makers could utilize as they plan for the future of the region.

The listening projects included several focus groups, town hall meetings as well as one-on-one interviews with decision makers in the Capital Region. The geographical scope of the project stretched north/south from Glens Falls to Poughkeepsie, and east/west from the Berkshires to Canajoharie. The goal of the project was to interact with all levels of the Tech Valley community to gain an understanding of the current attitudes, perceptions, visions, hopes and concerns of the regional population.

Additionally, a web-based survey was developed and promoted to help quantify the findings from the other facets of our study.

The Community Listening Project culminated in a written report and TV program titled “Tech Valley Now.” A copy of the public report is available online.