Siena College – Digital Viewbook

The Challenge

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A small, private liberal arts college in Loudonville, NY, Siena College was “comfortable.” With campus visits holding steady and Admissions making their classes, the team felt this was a good time to reassess the communications strategy… and push the envelope.

The Solution

With student focus group participants citing time and time again that they “don’t read viewbooks” and that they “want to see more photos,” Zone 5 decided it was time to re-think Siena’s print-heavy outreach strategy. First, we looked to the success of our previous Admissions campaign — Project Get Real (PGR). An initiative grounded in student photography and experiences, PGR resonated strongly with prospective and current students.

To build on the enthusiasm for PGR, we then took a hard look at the advantages of digital viewbooks.

Zone 5 proposed (then developed) a website that eliminated the need for a printed viewbook. Unlike other online, collegiate microsites, the Siena Life View digital viewbook provided students with a 360° pictorial and editorial Siena experience. This online viewbook  also offered significant opportunities to link to the main college site — – encouraging students to delve deeper into their particular areas of interest.

The Results

In its first month alone, the Siena Life View digital viewbook had over 1,400 unique visitors, and prospects were spending minutes, not seconds, on the site. The College found the statistics an invaluable tool that served as a guide for future messaging and tactics.