Wozniak: Panel Discussion at Globalfoundries

New York’s Capital Region enjoyed a rare opportunity to spend the day with Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computers. Peaceful Acres Horses, a local not-for-profit that Wozniak supports, turned to Zone 5 to leverage our regional technology relationships, event planning, fund raising and public relations capabilities. Zone 5 worked pro-bono to create, manage and implement a series of events throughout the day — all in fewer than three weeks.

Wozniak at Global Foundries

A private tour of the University at Albany’s growing College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering campus gave Woz a preview of one our region’s technology pride points. The following day began at Tech Valley High School in Albany, where students were greeted on their first day of class by a keynote speech by Woz. This helped set an exciting tone for the rest of the academic year while creating a relationship-building opportunity for Tech Valley High School and their corporate partners and advisors.

This event was followed by a panel discussion at Globalfoundries in Malta, where Wozniak was joined by Peter Schultz, co-inventor of fiber optic technology, along with several other regional technology business leaders. A sold-out crowd of more than 700 attendees listened as the panel shared their views on the future of New York’s Tech Valley. The day ended with a benefit concert at Proctors Theatre in Schenectady featuring Canadian singer-songwriter Ariana Gillis.

Wozniak at Peaceful AcresThe events were a tremendous success, resulting in more than $75,000 raised for Peaceful Acres. It brought together a wide range of business, technology and opinion leaders throughout our region to celebrate our success and plan for our future. In addition, every major broadcast and print media outlet, and numerous key trade publications for the technology industry, covered the entire series of events throughout the day.

Zone 5 has new friends in Steve Wozniak and Peter Schultz. More important, our region has new ambassadors impressed with the growth of our technology sector, who promised to passionately share this story with the world.