Intel – Education Project

Intel TU ArticleIn January 2008, State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo launched an investigation into Intel’s business practices in New York. Picking up on the embedded characterization in the attorney general’s press release, the media immediately sensed a long-running David versus Goliath story. This made-for-the-media story expanded as the investigation advanced and public awareness grew.

Intel retained Zone 5 to develop a statewide public affairs campaign to help ensure the corporate brand did not suffer as a result of the investigation. After a baseline understanding of the general public’s sentiment toward Intel was established, our team developed a year-long public affairs strategy that worked to bring more attention to Intel’s role in supporting education while cementing Intel’s contributions to New York’s semiconductor industry, economy and people.

Our involvement began with our team immersion in all aspects of the current issue. Interaction with Intel, and their advisors, was vital to developing strategies and activities that were integrated, complementary and adaptive. Our expertise in the semiconductor sector, knowledge of why this issue is emerging, and experience in working with additional counsel allowed us to hit the ground running.

Zone 5 provided real-time strategic counsel to identify public relations opportunities, avoid situations that could generate negative perceptions, and establish a positive image in the minds of all stakeholder groups. In addition to traditional print and electronic media organizations, we utilized new media outlets such as technology-focused web sites, blogs and social networking groups to disseminate information.