Clarkson University – Direct Response TV Campaign

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The Challenge

A nearly effortless call-to-action made this project a huge success. Conventional wisdom and our own specific research shows that TV is still one of the most effective media vehicles for reaching teens at the brand level. But what was missing was a way to accurately measure its effectiveness and create specific leads. Zone 5 partnered with Time Warner Cable to make this tactic even more powerful by adding direct-response technology (at no additional cost) to our client.

The Solution

When the 30-second commercial was aired, the viewer simply pushed a button on the remote to request more information by mail or to be redirected to a new station to view a longer 3-minute video of the University. Subscriber data was captured daily and leads were sent for fulfillment.

The Results

The results were powerful and, above all, trackable. Specific households were identified and tracked throughout the campaign. The result for Clarkson were more than 76 highly-qualified leads per day in three key feeder markets of Albany, Syracuse and Rochester.