AWS Truepower – Rebranding and Exhibit

AWS Windpower DisplayA leader and innovator in renewable energy consulting, AWS Truewind (AWS) needed to rebrand. As the company expanded outside the wind industry, it became increasingly evident that the AWS name no longer encompassed the full breadth of its products and services.

AWS approached Zone 5 with the challenge of renaming the company, developing a new brand, and executing the approach with a complete overhaul of the corporate website. Already a client, Zone 5 embraced the opportunity to assist in this strategic and foundation-building endeavor.

A number of key stakeholders were engaged to determine the existing equity of the current brand. Individual discussions revealed key differentiators between AWS and its competition, providing substantial direction for the new identity.

Guided by its discovery, Zone 5 developed an “evolution” of
the AWS brand. The name AWS Truepower and its new logo maximized brand equity, provided a platform for expansion, offered an ease of transition for both employees and existing clients, and built equity with all audiences.

The company’s new website – – brought the company’s expanded message to life. Zone 5 was responsible for all aspects of the redesign from informational organization and design to coding and launch.