Many traditional advertising agencies can do a good job within the disciplines of branding, design and advertising. But what if you engage a partner that delves deeply into YOUR industry and lives in the environment that you or your clients live? That’s why Zone 5 believes in technology-focused marketing: we practice our creative craft with an eye toward moving the needle for your company or organization, within the sectors that you are selling to.

Technology-Focused Marketing

Zone 5 lives and breathes in the technology markets including semiconductor, renewable energy, clean energy, power generation, advanced manufacturing and medical devices. We spend time where your clients spend their time: at trade association conferences and events such as SEMICON West, SEMI ISS, Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), Fab Owners Association (FOA), MEMS Industry Group (MIG), Global Semiconductor Association (GSA), SPIE, and the Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC) events.


Marketing, simply stated, is the communication of the value of your product or service to those who might want to purchase it. But first you have to build a brand and position it within the marketplace. This with proper research, good copy, professional design, and via the most efficient avenues and effective tactics.

Promote your product or service by as many appropriate means that are within your budget. Be consistent with your brand and messaging. Speak to your prospective clients in a manner that they can understand and in a tone that will resonate with them.


With a comprehensive suite of marketing services, including strategic planning, branding and public relations, as well as collateral, web development, and tradeshow design/production, Zone 5 is ready to meet your needs and reach your goals. Some recent accomplishments include:

  • Helping a leading innovator rebrand when they expanded outside the wind industry, keeping the old power while showing new strengths
  • Creating an 80% jump in conference attendance (and 65% in revenue) by developing and implementing exciting new promotions, materials, and program ideas
  • Social media positioning and training for C-level executives to leverage and manage the human-to-human aspect of online media

Wozniak at Globalfoundries


"The series of events was a tremendous success.

"It brought together a wide range of business, technology and opinion leaders throughout our region to celebrate our success and plan for the future."

— Steve Wozniak
Apple Co-Founder

Can we do this for you?

Yes. At Zone 5, your bottom line is our business. More than a marketing partner, we are educated conduits — with a full understanding of the technology and trends that affect your industry. We do our work especially well in the technology sector:

  • Semiconductor
  • Renewable Energy
  • Power Generation
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Medical Devices

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