Social Media

If content is king, connection is queen. Zone 5 excels in the strategic planning, implementation, and monitoring of social media campaigns. We offer the following services. How can we help you?

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Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Strategic Planning: What channels should you be using? for your social media marketing campaign? How often should you post? Do you keep your brand whole or break it down? How do you scale social media conversation? How do you talk to prospective clients and recruit talented people on the same account? These questions (and more) are what we tackle in our strategic plans and recommendations for social media.

Content: We will work with you to create compelling, sharable content (written, photographic, and video) that stands out from the millions of social media messages being sent every day. We can encompass your brand without sounding too commercial. Need to go viral? We’ll do our best!

Audits: Social media audits come in two forms: the state of your social media accounts, and those of your competitors. Our audits go beyond rounding up a list of accounts. We analyze them for strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Social Media Policies: We can help you write/update your organization’s social media policy by talking you through best practices for your industry, providing samples, and even working with your compliance and law professionals.

Reputation Monitoring: Your reputation exists in social spaces outside your own social media channels. Zone 5 will track it, understand it within the realm of your sector, and provide timely reporting services.

Accounts Monitoring: Conversations happen 24-7 in the social media space. We can monitor your accounts and alert you to any meaningful events and opportunities.

Analytics: Are your social media channels growing in a significant way? Are you spending too much energy in an area with very little payoff? Is the right audience adopting your social media channels? We can help you answer these questions with state-of-the-art analytics.

Implementation: Whether you need us to run your social media indefinitely or for just a few months, with heavy direction/approval from your organization or a light touch, Zone 5 can take care of that for you. We pride ourselves on setting goals and achieving them.

Public Relations Integration: You can’t have a good public relations strategy without a good social media strategy.

Web & Mobile Integration: Social media also integrates heavily with the web and mobile devices. We can help you use Facebook or Twitter as a sign up mechanism, run a channel’s feed on your page, optimize your website for easy sharing of content, use social media to allow commenting on a live video feed, and so much more.

Market Research: Organizations can use social media to learn a lot about their audiences, both target and actual. Zone 5 has always had a strong presence in market research, and we have no problem using social media as another one of our research tools.

Social Media Marketing: Sometimes a little money goes a long way. We can explain the advantages of promoting posts and running social media ads. We can also plan and implement these campaigns for you.