In-house Focus Group Facility in Downtown Albany, NY

At Zone 5, research is at the core of everything we do, and it drives every decision we make. We have a focus group facility located on site in the center of our building. But we go can far beyond simply hosting focus groups. Zone 5 provides expert analysis and consulting to help put research into action. It is with our insight that organizations are able to better understand obstacles and opportunities ahead.

Focus Group room

Main Conference Room

Our in-house research facility was specifically designed by experienced moderators to be the most efficient and modern focus group center in the Capital Region. Our conference room is equipped with a one-way mirror with a double-glass sound barrier and state of the art A/V equipment. Our observation room provides comfortable seating for up to eight people with writing tables, high-quality speakers and other business amenities.

Conference Room

  • One-way mirror with double-glass sound barrier
  • Audio tape recorders with back-up equipment
  • High-quality color video with recording on CDROM/DVD
  • Separate audio-visual control room
  • Multi-direction, low-noise, ceiling-mounted microphones

Observation Room

Viewing Room

Viewing room – located behind a one-way mirror.

  • Comfortable seating for up to 8 people
  • Writing tables
  • High-quality speakers for clearer sound transmission
  • Video streaming capabilities via the Internet
  • WiFi computer access

 Other Amenities

  • Business center with fax, copier, etc.
  • Large buffet/serving areas
  • Color monitors
  • Telephones
  • Three separate lounges
  • Full gourmet kitchen


    Full service, modern kitchen

  • Multiple hotels conveniently located within walking distance