SemiZone: Jeanne Beacham of Delphon

We sat down with industry experts at SEMICON West to cull their best business, trends and marketing insights. Here’s what Jeanne Beacham of Delphon had to say.

Tell us about yourself, Jeanne.Jeanne Beacham

I’m the President and CEO of Delphom. Delphon is a group of different types of materials and services that support both the semiconductor and medical industries.

One of my brands is Gel-Pak. People know this brand well since devices are shipped in them everyday. They protect semiconductor chips and medical devices.

I have another brand, Quik-Pak, that does prototyping for semiconductors so we see the bleeding edge devices – the very first wafers that come off the line – that we then have to get it in a package within 8 hours so someone can test it.

Also, UltraTape supplies all the adhesive tape used in clean rooms. Basically, we make the things that everyone forgets about it, but are critically important in the pipeline.

We touch just about every semiconductor fab… [and] universities. Overall, we have about 7,000 customers across the world.

You have a unique perspective on challenges companies are facing. How do you see them being nimble and drive efficiencies?

That’s important: how do we expand?

My mantra right now is “double.” How do we double, but not double our costs?

Anytime someone comes to me for something new I ask them, “How is that going to double what you’re doing?”  I think the growth is really here in the semiconductor industry. There are exciting trends that say there are going to be continue to be more units.

Where do you see growth opportunities?

Growth for our brands is about listening to our customers and helping them identify problems.

There’s a consolidation trend.

 What do you think the challenges will be in 2015?

I think there is an opportunity: how do we look outside of where we’ve been selling?

Is SEMICON the best show to be at? Are there smaller shows where we can do business? We, for example, love going to tabletop shows where you get a one-on-one with engineers and they can pick up and play with our products.

Looking to other industries to see what we can borrow and vice versa, where we can insert our technology, is what we should be thinking about.

Where, specifically, do you see opportunities to convergence and cross-over in industries?

I think medical will be huge. How do we monitor and place a bigger focus on preventative medicine vs. an emergency room situation? How do we simplify technology so people actually want to use it?

As you know, Zone 5 is a marketing firm, who do you feel markets well in the semiconductor industry?

That’s a tough one. When I walk around the trade show floors, I give everyone a second to – by their booth – to tell me exactly what they do.

I’d give the industry a C minus.

We did a change with our booth this year. We took off all the words and did one, simple image with chips. We feel very strongly in simple, succinct messaging.

FUN FACT: Jeanne is currently in Africa with the nonprofit, Asanti Africa, with a group of teachers and engineers to exchange ideas on how to best teach science. She is there with her two teenage sons. We can’t wait to hear stories upon her return!